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Sand and Dune Desert

Sand and Dune Desert – Bintan Island, known for its beautiful beaches and luxurious resorts, also hides a surprising secret. Sand dunes and a lake that resemble a miniature desert! This unexpected landscape, called Gurun Pasir Busung, is a popular tourist destination for those seeking a unique photo opportunity and a break from the beach.

Here’s what you can expect at the Bintan Sand and Dune Desert :

  • The Dunes: The sand dunes are not massive, but they are large enough to explore and climb. Be prepared for hot weather and bring sturdy shoes, as the sand can get quite hot underfoot.
  • The Lake: The next is a beautiful turquoise color and is said to be quite deep in some areas. However, swimming is not recommended due to safety concerns.
  • The Views: The views from the top of the dunes are panoramic and offer a unique perspective of Bintan Island.


If you plan to go on a trip to Sand and Dunes Desert, it is same like a Blue Lake, make sure you have prepared things during your journey like sun protection or umbrella, hat and sun glasses, because Danau Biru is suitable for taking photos during the day and the weather is very hot.

While in the Bintan Sand and Dunes Desert are not a vast desert landscape. They are a unique and interesting place to visit on Bintan Island. And also a great option for a half-day trip, especially if you are looking for something different to do besides swimming and sun bathing.

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