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Blue Lake

Blue Lake, also known as Danau Biru, is a stunning natural wonder located on Bintan Island, Indonesia. It’s a captivating sight, with its vibrant blue waters contrasting dramatically with the surrounding desert landscape of Sand and Dune (Gurun Pasir Busung).

This mesmerizing lake was not always there. Surprisingly, it was once a large crater left behind by an abandoned mining site. Over time, rainwater gradually filled the crater, creating this beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert.

The crystal-clear waters of the Danau Biru are a popular spot for photography. The otherworldly contrast and against the arid desert creates a dramatic and visually stunning scene, perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy shots. Many tours even offer the opportunity to take photos with eagles for an extra special touch.

Blue Lake

If you stay in the Lagoi area, it will take time around 30 to 40 minutes to reach the Danau Biru tourist destination and during your trip you will pass several Kelong Seafood Restaurants before you reach the Danau Biru tourist destination. If you plan to go on a trip to Danau Biru, make sure you have prepared things during your journey like sun protection or umbrella, hat and sun glasses, because Danau Biru is suitable for taking photos during the day and the weather is very hot.

There are also several small stalls available, namely local community stalls that sell various drinks when you feel thirsty, such as coffee, mineral water and young coconut water, they also sell snacks such as fish crackers, fried noodles, boiled noodles and others, also like a souvenirs from Bintan.

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