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Gedung Gonggong

Gedung Gonggong design is based on the gonggong, a local sea snail which is a most popular culinary seafood specialy in the Riau Archipelago. The shell’s distinctive shape is a source of pride for the city, and the building serves as a symbol of Tanjung Pinang is maritime heritage and culture.

Gedung Gonggong

Here’s a closer look at Gedung Gonggong:

Function: Gedung Gonggong serves multiple purposes, it is a tourist information center. Providing visitors with information about Tanjung Pinang and the surrounding area.

It also houses a space for showcasing and promoting local products. There is also a cafe inside the building, perfect for grabbing a bite or drink while enjoying the view.

Location: The building is situated near Laman Bunda Tepi Laut, a scenic waterfront open space. This area features a children’s playground, manicured lawns and stunning views of the sea. It is making it a popular spot for relaxation and recreation.

Attraction: Beyond its function, Gedung Gonggong is a major tourist attraction in Tanjung Pinang. Visitors flock to the site to marvel at the unique architecture, take photos, and learn more about the local gonggong culture. The building’s presence has helped boost tourism in the city and promote Tanjung Pinang as a distinct destination.