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500 Lohan Temple

500 Lohan Temple

500 Lohan Temple is located in Kijang (South of Bintan Island), the premise is just a short drive away from the main bustling scene of Tanjung Pinang, it is the one of most interesting temples on the island, and definitely a place you should visit during your journey to Bintan Island.

Each statue has a unique facial expression and physical characteristic, making all of them very interesting and amaze the hearts of all of tourists both from home and abroad.

In the area of 500 Lohan Temple., there is a temple grounds which is quite beautiful, with tranquil gardens and a large main hall. There is also a giant statue of Buddha that stands guard at the front of the temple which is can be a beautiful of background when tourist take a photoshoot with their family or friends.

The front of 500 Lohan Temple

This is  for Buddhists and non Buddhists, and this place has a very positive energy. It is situated on top of a hill with very nice breeze and light. Take time to read the inscriptions for stories about the Buddha and the various Bodhisattvas. Walk around to the back and you will see the Vihara for Kisitigabra. The great statue of the future Buddha is impressive.

There are many ancient sculptures, majestic and powerful, especially the 500 Arhats and Chinese style buildings are worth to seeing. When you stay in the Lagoi area, you will take time to travel approximately 1 hour by car. And you can find a very easy route by using Google Maps .

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