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Patung Penyu

Patung Penyu is a large sea turtle statue, a significant landmark on Bintan Island. Local legend said that giant sea turtle once helped the community instead and the statue serves as expressing gratitude accordingly.

The Patung Penyu size is impressive, standing at majestic 16 meters tall which is located in front of Sangharama Vihara. As well known among tourists visiting Bintan Island, this is located in Sebong Pereh, Bintan Island, Riau Archipelago, only takes about 20 minutes to travel from Tanjung Uban.

This house of worship has distinctive characteristics, namely the Guan Sheng DiJun God Statue and the Turtle Statue which are very instagrammable as photo spots, the statue of God Sheng DiJun is apparently the largest statue of the god Guan Shen DiJun in Southeast Asia.

The giant turtle statue is actually unique to this Sangharama monastery, the turtle statue stands on the beach opposite the Sangharama monastery, and is directly facing the setting sun.

Who wish to visit, you are free to take photos you should maintain etiquette, cleanliness of the monastery accordingly. It is Buddhist Holy Place, we are obliged to following the rules in the monastery and respect each other accordingly.

Patung Penyu


  • The main draw of the Patung Penyu is capturing that perfect photo with the sea turtle as the backdrop.
  • You can visit with a trip to the Vihara Sangharama, Sebong Pereh to experience the cultural significance of the temple.
  • However The beach allow you to relax on the beach and enjoy the scenic views especially during the sunset.

Do not missed to capture the Sunset at Patung Penyu!!!

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