Kelong Seafood


Kelong Seafood Restaurant offers an unrivaled dining experience that blends with the rich maritime culture of Indonesia, especially in Bintan. With traditional kelong architecture and a stunning waterfront location, this restaurant is most favorite destination for locals and travelers from abroad.

Kelong sea food restaurant in Bintan with the fresh sea food that is procesed into the best dishes. Enjoy fresh sea food admist the sea breeze at the iconic kelong restaurant in Bintan. There is prides it self on it’s menu, which features a wide selection of fresh sea food. From succulent prawns and tender fish to savory crab and succulent lobster, each dish prepared with care and expertise, showcasing the natural flavors of the sea.

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Kelong Seafood Restaurant - Enjoy a variety of sea food menu's with us with several choices of the best restaurants with various mainstay menus and affordable prices.
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