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Safari Lagoi Eco Farm

Safari Lagoi Eco Farm is a refuge center for endangered Indonesian wildlife. Here you will get a chance to see these amazing creatures up close. And learn more about their importance to the ecosystem. The park is also home to an Eco Farm, where you can stroll through a variety of tropical plants and flowers.

As a refuge centre for endangered Indonesian fauna, the animals and birds in the safari are mainly rescued from illegal pet trade and exotic meat markets.

Safari Lagoi Eco Farm

Here is a glimpse into what you can expect at Safari Lagoi Eco Farm:

  • Animal Encounters: The park is a haven for rescued animals, including Sumatran tigers, sun bears, Komodo dragons, orangutans, Sumatran elephants, estuarine crocodiles, and many more. You can even spot rare birds like lories, eagles, and vultures at the bird sanctuary.

  • Eco Farm: Take a walk through the Eco Farm and discover the diversity of tropical crops and flowers grown here. You might even see some interesting butterfly species flitting about!

  • Educational Experience: Safari Lagoi aims to inform and educate visitors about the importance of protecting Indonesia rich biodiversity. The park works closely with the Indonesian Ministry of Natural Resources and Conservation to achieve this goal.